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Owner-built homes can save $$$ but also require special patience, skill, and knowledge. This site explains the ups and downs of building your own home with links to sites on financing, home design, kit home manufacturers, and professional services. Our newest project will be starting soon and you will be able to watch the progress from site selection to completion of our new home.Building Your Dream Home

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Monday, May 11, 2009

We Have Moved Into Our New Home!!

Hello everyone, we have finally moved into our new log home. It is not completed but my husband's health made it necessary for us to move in early. There are a few things to be completed downstairs before it is truly finished. The fireplace still needs to be rocked, and most of the trim still needs to be manufactured and installed. We have not purchased our permanent interior doors or had our stair railing installed yet because of the losses we suffered in our 401K. Like many others, a 30-40% loss in our savings was too much. I will complete the loft area as soon as possible but once again, our losses may have an impact.

If you would like to see more photos of our tile work, the light fixtures I made, and the interior finish, please check our site.......Building Your Dream Home

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Log Home Progress

I have posted a couple of updates to the site since my last post here. There is also a new video on youtube. The house is moving along at a turtle's pace it seems to me but everyone else says I'm getting a lot done. I have completed trimming out all the windows except the one in the loft and over the kitchen sink. The log beams were installed and the wood portion of the fireplace has been completed including the finish. Our tile man has been delayed a few days but hopes to start the job on Monday. He has said that it will probably take him about a month since there is so much to install.

If you would like to read more about the completion of my log home,
click here.......Building Your Dream Home

Friday, September 05, 2008

Website Problems!

Hello everyone,

Well I can not upload new pictures to our website due to a huge server failure at the hosting company. As soon as the site is back online, I will be posting an update on our progress with pictures. Our current status is:
  • waiting for the log beams to be installed in the vaulted ceiling.
  • waiting for the countertop manufacturer to make the necessary measurements for the kitchen cabinets.
  • the cabinets for the utility and bathroom have been measured and the countertops for them are in work.
  • waiting for delivery of the porcelain tile so it can be installed.
  • the red aromatic cedar is now on site for all of the trim but has to be planned and edged before cutting to size and installing.
  • sanding and clear coating of the cabinets has been started but will take quite some time.
I have added a few pictures to this post of the cedar including our mantel for the fireplace. The pictures in the loft show two walls erected for our storage areas. The sections you see with insulation still showing will be covered with a removable panel for access to the attic. Don't forget to check out our videos on YouTube

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wow! We have cabinets!!

Yes! Our custom cabinets were installed today. Check out our video on YouTube . I have also added more information on our website along with additional pictures of the cabinets and our loft area.

Click here ........Building Your Dream Home

Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest Update on Our Log Home

Hello everyone, I am sorry it has been so long since I updated our progress but I have been really busy trying to line up contractors, picking up material, and working on the interior. I have uploaded a new video, click here to watch. I have also posted new information and pictures on our site. We are now ready for our contractor to install our log beams in the vaulted ceiling but will have to wait for his availability (4-6 weeks). Our cabinet contractor has taken his measurements and will have our cabinets in about a month. Then I will have to make a final decision on the countertops.

Click here for more info........Building Your Dream Home

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23rd Progress Update!

Well, we are moving along nicely now for a one man/woman operation. The wall behind the stairs was fairly difficult since it involved angles other than 45o and I built a small alcove for the telephone under the stairs. You can see additional progress photos on our site.

Click here......Building Your Dream Home

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Progress Update!

Progress is moving along now that the work can be accomplished by one person. During the last four days, I have completed the area for the refrigerator in the kitchen but decided to wait until I talk to the cabinet maker before completing the wall for the cabinets. Instead I installed the planks for the long wall in the bedroom. Blue Ponderosa Pine is being used in the living, kitchen, and bedroom areas.

Check out our photos here.................
Building Your Dream Home

Check out our video here...............
Dream Home Interior