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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Dream Home Has Been SOLD!

Well it looks like our dream home has been sold. Our closing will take place on August 9th, which means we must get our 20 year accumulation of "stuff" out so the new owners can take occupancy. I will be posting updates as often as possible on our new log home construction. Our dirt work has almost been completed. The house pad will be ready for the new foundation sometime next week. Our temporary power pole was installed by my son yesterday. The water company should have our new water meter installed by the end of the week. Tomorrow is notification day for the electric company to turn on the service. The septic system will be scheduled for install in two weeks, and our dozer contractor should be finishing our new bridge to the house this week. I will post pictures or videos on our site to show the progress.

We purchased a travel trailer to live in while the house is under construction and will have a 12x20 building constructed to house our washer/dryer, freezer, and of course, my computer. It will also give us and our three pom's a little more room to move around.

Watch our blog for updates.


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